Collagen Stimulating PDO Threads: Mono & Spiral Threads

Collagen Production is the Key to Youthful Looking Skin

Based on extensive research by industry experts, the key element of youthful and beautiful skin is the existence of collagen fibers under the skin. In other words, collagen fibers determine the overall strength and elasticity of the skin. The more collagen fibers an individual has under the skin, the younger and more youthful looking the skin will appear and their skin will result in more firmness with fewer wrinkles.

Lately, pharmaceutical companies and beauty physicians are putting in a lot of effort to discover ways to stimulate collagen production. There are a variety of pills, capsules, topical ointments and creams available in the market which claim to help produce more collagen and increase the density of the collagen fibers in the dermis layers of the skin. Which in turn, results in more youthful looking skin. However, research contradicts the above findings and conveys that none of those methods are actually effective. Instead, ingestible pills and capsules do not absorb into our digestive system, nor do the topical creams increase collagen production, but they do hydrate the skin.


PDO Thread Embedding Results in Effective Collagen Production under the Skin

If you are looking for a successful method to increase skin collagen, PDO thread embedding procedures provide great results. This technique is advance and helps stimulate the production of collagen-producing cells, also known as Fibroblasts. Once inserted into the skin, the PDO threads last from 4-8 months under the skin. During this time, the threads help to consistently generate collagen and also helps to firm and lift sagging skin. Stimulating the fibroblasts not only stimulates new collagen production under the skin but also it helps to remove the old collagen from the body. These PDO threads remain under the skin and directly stimulate collagen production.


The Importance of the Quality of the PDO Threads and its Placement under the Skin

One of the most significant factors in the thread lift procedure is the quality of the PDO threads used. If the quality and thickness of the needles and threads are not selected properly, the results won’t be desirable. Every part of the face requires an insertion of the thread-loaded needles with specific diameters and lengths. Moreover, the length and the diameter of the thread-loaded needles varies for individuals depending on their skin texture (thickness/thinness), elasticity, and more. In addition, the best quality of the threads should be selected in order to achieve the best results.


The Importance of the Depth & the Direction of the Needles Inserted Under the Skin

PDO thread-loaded needles should be inserted under the skin at a certain depth in order to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the skin. Insertion of these needles requires special professional skills and practice.

As mentioned in our past blog articles on PDO threading, collagen production takes place in the dermis layer of the skin. If we penetrate the PDO threads deeper into the lower layer of the skin (the muscles), there will be a smaller chance for the skin to gain collagen.


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