Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is a traditional Chinese Medicine treatment, which originated thousands of years ago in China. Since then, it has been practiced all over the world for variety of reasons.

Cupping therapy consists of two different types of cupping – dry cupping (plastic cupping and glass cupping) and wet cupping. Small glass or plastic cups are placed on affected areas, creating suction on the skin either by way of heat or a vacuum gun.

Fire Cupping Therapy
The main area chosen for cupping is the back and spine. Cupping the whole back including upper back and lower back has numerous benefits. Some of the benefits of cupping the back are to help boost up the immune system, improve the circulation of Qi and blood in the lungs, increase energy, reduce anxiety, relieve local muscle pain and tension, regulate blood cholesterol and blood pressure level, improve sleep quality, and so on.

Although these cups leave mild red marks on the skin, they usually disappear quickly. Beneficial for localized pain, blood cupping can be an effective therapy for conditions such as back, shoulder and knee pain, the common cold and asthma. Results vary by person and condition.

At our clinic, we usually combine cupping with acupuncture treatment to help relieve the muscle pain and increase the effectiveness of the treatment depending on the individuals ‘ conditions. In case of chronic pain, combing acupuncture with cupping helps faster recovery and better treatment results.

Benefits of Cupping

  • - Promotes Qi and blood flow
  • - Maintains general well-being

  • - Relaxes muscles

  • - Detoxification

  • - Relieves pain, tension ad stiffness in the back, shoulder & neck
  • - Relieves respiratory issues, cold, flu
  • - Helps with weight loss
- Boosts the immune system
- Relieves digestive issues

  • - Helps with migraines and headaches
  • - Helps with fertility
  • - Treats high blood pressure, high cholesterol level

  • - Treats facial paralysis

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