Eyebrow Thread Lift Using PDO Barbed Cog Threads

As mentioned in the previous blog articles, PDO Cog threads are very commonly used to lift the jowls, cheeks, marionette, and jawline. Many ladies who visits Zahra Acupuncture clinic often seek to lift their eyebrow tails and eyebrow tips.

A slight lift on the tails of the eyebrows can result in a distinct change of the overall face. Furthermore, the amount of lifting to be done varies on each individuals’ facial features, which is accurately done through the PDO barbed cog thread eyebrow lifting process. The eyebrow thread lift procedure is also successfully performed to increase the space between the eyebrow and the eyes. Droopy eyelids can be easily lifted with this procedure, which is one of the main concerns of our clients.


How do we lift the Eyebrow Tail with PDO Barbed Cog Threads?

In the image above, our client wanted to lift the outer third of her eyebrows (tails). First, we examined the thickness of her forehead skin and the texture of her skin in the corner of her eyebrows. Then, we discussed her concerns, the angle, and the amount of lifting she wanted to get done. Next, we determined a plan for the entire procedure and briefly explained what she will be experiencing.

Since it is extremely important to take into consideration the current facial structure of the individual before performing any procedures, we examined her face and determined the best method to go forward with. The thickness of the needles we use depends on the texture of the individuals’ skin surrounding their eyebrows. Therefore, the threads that are used in eyebrow lifting procedures could differ from ones used in lifting procedures for the other parts of the face.

In addition, the technique used to lift the eyebrows is also different from regular face thread lifting. For this particular patient, she wanted to lift her eyebrows from the middle to the tail. Therefore, the threads were implanted in a certain way to acquire the results she wanted.


The Eyebrow Tail Lifting Process Using PDO Barbed Cog Threads

The PDO barbed Cog threads were inserted under her skin to lift her eyebrows after applying local anesthesia. The spines on the threads hook up to the skin and create tension, allowing the threads to lift the skin immediately. These PDO Cog threads remain under the skin in the dermis layer and stimulate collagen and after a few months they dissolve. The collagen produced as a result of these threads would remain under the skin and help restructure the skin. The PDO thread lift is a non-surgical non-invasive natural procedure with no side effects and the procedure can be repeated.

In general, the eyebrow lift can happen at three different parts of the eyebrows including the tips, the middle, and the tails. Depending on the individuals’ concerns we can focus on all or any of the sections of the eyebrows and reduce the droopiness of them. Depending on the physical anatomy of the eyebrows and the texture and thickness of the skin, the procedure can be performed differently.

The eyebrow thread lift procedure can be performed on both natural and tattooed eyebrows and achieve very good results. Moreover, this procedure can also be done for the eyebrows that have become asymmetrical due to the mishaps during Botox injections. We can use the threads to fix the problems related to the eyebrows.


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