Natural PDO Barbed Cog Thread Face Lift

We have seen great evolvements and advancements in the PDO face threads technology over the past 10 years. One of the most important features of these threads is the spines or cogs placed along the threads. These spines or cogs serve the purpose of hooking up to the skin to create a tension under the skin, which allows us to pull the skin up and produce an immediate lift.

Over the years, the shape and form of the placement of these spines along the threads have developed. The older versions of the barbed cog threads were so that the spines were placed in only one direction. However, in the new generation of threads, these spines have a three-dimensional shape and create a stronger tension once the threads are implanted under the skin, producing a very strong lift. These changes provide a better and longer-lasting effect as well as a stronger lift to the skin.

What Age is Ideal to do Thread Lifting?

Individuals between 18 to 65 years old are able to do thread lifting. In the image shown, a 21-year old girl visited our clinic to perform thread lifting on her face. She had concerns related to the shape of her face, claiming that it was lacking a V-shaped structure. After just one face lifting session using PDO barbed cog threads, we were able to achieve the V-shaped face structure she desired. Our client was extremely happy with the youthful yet effective results.

At Zahra Acupuncture, we perform thread lifts for clients of a wide range of ages. A large portion of our clients are within the 30-70 year old range. In conclusion, the PDO barbed Cog threads is effective even for individuals who are 70 years of age. They are able to achieve natural and long-lasting results without having to perform invasive surgical facelift procedures.

Different Individuals Have Different Degrees of Sagging Skin

There are multiple factors that contribute to sagging skin and can vary based on each individual. For example, an individual could experience aging through marionette lines earlier than others because of smoking. Smoking could contribute to clearer fine lines and wrinkles on an individual’s face.

Another example is an individual who laughs a lot – they may experience deeper nasolabial folds. For people who tend to frown a lot, frown lines may be more distinct compared to others who do not frown as much.

Furthermore, genetics is a very important factor when it comes to skin conditions. For some people, sagging jowls appear earlier in their lives and can appear to be very prominent.

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