Non-Surgical PDO Thread Facelift in Less Than Two Hours

At Zahra Acupuncture clinic, many of our clients who visit come in with the worry of sagging Jowls and Marionette lines. Sagging Jowls is one of the most important features that impact the change in our facial appearance. Also, it is one of the major concerns of our clients who seek to undergo the PDO thread-lift procedure at our clinic. Sagging Jowls is essentially a skin aging trait which can transform the human face into a trapezoid shape. It is also known to reduce youthfulness within the face and jawlines. The benefits of reducing sagging Jowls could lead to a 5-10 year reduction in overall age appearance.


Factors That Affect Our Face Profile & Visual Appearance

  1. The lines between the eyebrows
  2. The cheek and Nasolabial Folds
  3. Marionette lines and Jowls


The PDO Thread Lift Process

The Initial Consultation

In order to prepare for the PDO thread lift procedure, we set up a plan to minimize sagging on her face as much as possible by lifting her Jowls and creating a more defined jawline for her.

Results of the PDO Thread Lift Procedure

The PDO thread lift procedure occurred in less than two hours and our client immediately noticed a change in her face – from a trapezoid shaped structure to a more triangle and v-lined face. Her jawline appeared more defined and the PDO thread lift helped to lift the marionette lines (lines on the side of her chin) on her face (as shown in the image).

As you can see in the after image, the corners of her mouth are lifted and have given a more beautiful shape to the natural look of her lips. Additionally, a sharper jawline has accentuated her beautiful cheekbones.


The Causes of Sagging Skin & Sagging Jowls

Skin sagging naturally happens because of two reasons – genetics and environmental factors. Genetics plays a significant role in the early appearance of sagging skin on the human face. However, some individuals might also experience sagging skin as they age.

Contrary to the general belief, research has proven that massaging the skin on the face can initiate and/or aggravate sagging and speed up aging on the skin. The patterns in which the muscles fibers are placed on our face are very different from other parts of the body. Therefore, massaging the face can actually loosen up the face muscles and decrease its firmness.

For this reason, at Zahra Acupuncture, we advise all our clients to prevent massaging their faces.


PDO Threads & Safety

PDO Barbed Cog Threads are sterile absorbable Polydioxanone suture threads that have been used in operating rooms for decades and are known to have no side effects. PDO thread facelift is the only non-surgical and non-invasive procedure available to lift sagging skin. This procedure is completely natural and the PDO threads used in this procedure are safe and absorbable.

At Zahra Acupuncture, we strongly recommend PDO Barbed Cog Threads to all the individuals who are seeking correction of their sagging jowls and marionettes.


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