PDO Barbed Cog Thread Facelift in One Session

Meet Our Client

A 62-year-old lady visited our clinic regarding her sagging skin. Pictured above, she complained about her saggy jowls and marionette lines during her initial consultation.


The Drooping Phenomenon

After the age of 45, we start noticing the jowls drooping and the shape of face transforming from being a triangle shaped in to somewhat trapezoid shape. This change in the shape of the face exacerbates as we age and leaves an impact on the appearance of the lower part of our face.

This drooping phenomenon occurs as a result of the reduction in the collagen production in the dermis layer of the skin. As the collagen and elastin fibres begin to diminish in the quality and quantity, we see sagging and drooping on the surface of the skin and as a result losing the skin firmness, tightness and lift in the lower part of the face.

Eliminating and lifting the sagging jowls only happens with the help of the PDO cog threads.


The Treatment

How did we lift the jowls of our patient shown here?

Consultation and Assessment

After the initial consultation and assessment of her skin texture, we realized that she was not looking for a dramatic change on her face; she wanted to have a slight natural lift in her lower part of the face.

We came to the conclusion that a slight lift in her marionette and jowls areas would make her feel more beautiful and transform her face more gracefully. One of the advantages of the PDO cog thread lift is that we can control the amount of lift based on the individual’s desires. (Disclaimer: the amount of sagging and the thickness of the skin should be kept in mind as well; there are individual differences!)

In many cases we can discuss with the patient the amount of the lift we can produce with the thread lift as we are performing the procedure, and ask him/her to confirm the desired results with us. Another advantage of PDO thread lift is the fact that we can repeat the treatment 4–6 months after the initial treatment and produce even more lifting of the skin.

We see individuals in the clinic with different degrees of change they want to acquire with this procedure. This PDO Cog Thread Lift in other words, is custom-made, and can be different from one person to another. It is very important to do the right planning before starting the thread the procedure.

Thread Lift Process

After the initial sterilization of the skin with alcohol and betadine, considering our client’s face shape, skin texture and the degree of her desire to see changes on her face, we drew a pre-op marking on her face and indicated the needle insertion points.

We then performed the Thread Lift treatment. Check out part two of our blog post, which details the procedure of how we perform the treatment to reduce sagging jowls in less than 1.5 hours and the amazing results!


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