Facial AcupuncturePromotion $120.00 (Regular $150.00)
Thread Embedding Acupuncture / Thread LiftPromotion Starting from $300.00 (Regular $400.00)
Freckle Removal$180.00
Acupuncture for Weight LossPromotion $135.00 (Regular $180.00)
Dermapen (Micro-Needling)Promotion $180.00 (Regular $250.00)
Super Tonic Ball (Gong Jin Dan)Promotion $290.00 (Regular $350.00)
Trigger Point Injection Therapy$150.00
Vitamin B12 Injection (Methylcobalamin)Promotion $45.00 (Regular $60.00)
Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) InjectionPromotion $45.00 (Regular $60.00)
ConsultationNone (With any treatment)$45.00 (Without any treatment)
Acupuncture$90.00 (tax included)
Blood CuppingPromotion $180.00 (regular $250.00)
Glass Cupping (Fire)$95.00
MoxibustionNo separate fees required
Ear Acupuncture
Natural Chinese Herbs $15.00 to $20.00 per day (tax included)


Insurance Coverage

BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

Medical Services Plan of BC provides individuals the premium assistance status (those with $30,000 annual income or less) with MSP coverage for acupuncture treatment. MSP pays $23 per visit for a combined annual limit of 10 visits for each calendar year. Please contact our clinic to find out if you qualify for the coverage. At our clinic, you will be charged for the full fee amount and reimbursement for MSP services will be made at the end of the month.

Extended Health Benefits

Some university students and certain professions (e.g accountants, nurses, receptionists) benefit from extended health insurance, which fully or partially covers their acupuncture treatment. Please check with your insurance provider to find out about the details or your qualification.

Please submit your Receipts to your provider directly in order to receive Extended Health Benefits reimbursement.