The Thread Lift Procedure is a Combination of Art & Medicine

One of the common questions we receive at our clinic when people arrive for a consultation is how many threads are going to be inserted under the skin? The answer to this question varies based on every individual and it also depends on the shape and the anatomical structure of their facial bones. In addition, it also depends on the thickness of the individuals’ skin and the age of the individual. These are the main factors to consider when we decided on the number of the threads, the direction, and the depth of the insertion.

The PDO thread lift procedure is a combination of art, medicine, and physics. It is very clear that we need to have knowledge of anatomy and the physiology of the facial bones and the skin in order to be able to perform the procedure correctly. We need to be able to perform in-office minor surgical procedures. In addition, we have to have knowledge of physics in order to calculate the location, the direction, and the angle of the needle insertion based on the shape of the individuals’ faces.  Combining the medicine and physics behind the face structure, along with some knowledge of skin, allows us to create an artwork. Therefore, the thread lifting procedure is an art that one needs to be skillful at to perform.

Preparing for the Thread Lift Procedure

Prior to any thread insertions, at Zahra Acupuncture Clinic, we would first examine the patient’s skin and based on the factors mentioned above, including individual’s major concern, the shape of their face, their skin texture and their bone structure. The next step would be to mark the areas of thread insertion onto the individual’s face. A white pencil is used to draw lines on the patient’s face based on what we need to achieve. We should keep in mind that this planning stage of the process is very important. Many people with a more circular facial shape would like to achieve a slimming face (usually seen in Asian clients) and others are looking for a more V-shaped jawline. We need to consider the individuals’ needs and concerns before any drawing on the face should take place. At Zahra Acupuncture Clinic, our patient’s needs are our priorities. A final plan is confirmed along with the patient’s agreement, and then we are able to proceed with the actual thread lifting procedure.

As a result of combining medicine and physics, we can create an artwork, which patients find fascinating. Lifting the jowls and jawline are the major issues seen in our clinic and the majority of patients want to look youthful by getting a V-shaped jawline, which is only achieved with the non-invasive, non-surgical procedure called PDO thread lift.

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