We are excited to announce our new Referral Program for Thread Lift patients!

Refer a friend to one of our Thread Lift treatments, and you'll receive 10% off the same treatment!

Refer as many friends as you'd like to compound your savings!

For example, if you refer three (3) friends to try the Cog Thread Lift, you will receive 30% off your next Cog Thread Lift treatment.

Terms & Conditions

*The referral program is applicable to Thread Lift treatments only.

*The discount can only be applied on the exact same type of Thread Lift treatment that was referred (e.g. Mono Thread Lift, Barbed Cog Thread Lift).

*The referral discount is earned after the person being referred receives the treatment, not after the initial consultation.

*Zahra Acupuncture Clinic reserves the right to modify or eliminate this referral program at any time.
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