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What is the Thread Lift?

The Thread Lift, also known as Thread Embedding Acupuncture, is the latest and revolutionary form of facial acupuncture aiming to eliminate wrinkles, increase the thickness of skin, tighten sagging skin, rejuvenate and lift the skin.  This method originated in South Korea and gradually spread throughout the world.

The Thread Lift is the most effective method of facial acupuncture for lifting the skin and improving skin elasticity. It stimulates collagen production. Collagen fibers are the major components of the connective tissue in skin, which are involved in maintaining the skin elasticity and firmness.

According to the research conducted by Younghee Yun and Inhwas Choi, thread embedding acupuncture shows “clinical potential for facial wrinkles and laxity.” Furthermore, a study done by Yoon-Jung Kim & et al in 2015 showed that Thread Embedding acupuncture “can have anti-photoaging effects on UVB-induced (ultraviolet B) skin damage.”

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Patient Success Stories

“Dr. Zahra was very knowledgeable and confident. She started the procedure by applying some numbing cream on my skin. She injected some of the freezing agent under my skin to help with more numbing. The amazing thing about this procedure was that it was pain free. I didn’t feel a thing…… The procedure took about an hour total and the results were there right away. Receiving Thread Lift is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

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It was amazing how you could actually achieve this much lift in one session in less than two hours. The procedure was relatively painless with no discomfort. After it was finished I couldn’t believe how effective the procedure was. My V shape was completely fully restored. My nasolabials were almost gone. Marionettes were fully recovered. My jowls were uplifted.”

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“I booked my appointment at Dr.Zahra’s clinic in North Van. She was very kind, professional, patient and made me very comfortable. So my first appointment I had only 30 threads on my cheeks and I looked great so I booked another appointment with her 2 weeks later this time for 70 threads and the result was even better than my first treatment. So I came back 2 more times to put more threads on my forehead, temples and lower cheeks area to lift, tighten and plump my skin. I really love the result!! In total over 4 treatments I have 225 threads in total and they’re absolutely worth it.

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“I finally decided to try it and found Dr. Zahra Mazanderani who is one of the very few people who performs the thread lift in Vancouver, Canada. A month after a consultation session I went back for the treatment. The treatment is fun. The good thing about it is that, after applying local anesthetics you won’t feel any pain. She inserted the threads in about 30 minutes and my face changed beautifully. She gave me a mirror and asked me about the extent of the lift and if it was what I wanted. When I looked into the mirror, I felt awesome. I almost cried. I always thought the only option I had was surgery but it is not true. I think the thread lift is the only non surgical way of tightening the skin and getting rid of your Nasolabials and Marionettes. I will definitely go back for my neck and jowls. Thank you Dr. Zahra for being so caring and professional and performing this great job.”

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“I just happened upon the threading by accident when I was looking for something else. Found it very intriguing and after my consultation with Dr. Zahra I decided to give it a shot. Having used fillers in the past and not being completely satisfied, I went in a bit skeptical. On top of that I was quite nervous. Dr. Zahra has a very gentle and calming manner. I was floored by the results. By far better than any filler and over the next few weeks it’s apparently going to get better. I’m already planning my next visit with other areas that need a bit of work.”

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How is the Thread Lift performed?

The Thread Lift is a non-surgical technique performed by using fine acupuncture needles. The procedure requires two steps: first is the application of topical anesthetic cream on the face where the treatment procedure is done. Second, is the implanting the threads under the skin.

PDO Thread Lifting

PDO Thread Lifts were originated from the traditional acupuncture therapy, used to stimulate tissue rejuvenation. In this procedure, fine needles pre-loaded with dissolvable PDO (polydioxanone) threads are injected into the skin with the use of special acupuncture needles. PDO is a protein-based material that is widely used in medical suturing and the PDO threads are absorbable. This method is extremely safe and minimally invasive. It has minimum downtime and is considered excellent in treating sagging skin. The lengths of the needles and the threads vary depending on the purpose they serve. The thickness of the needles used at our clinic is 23G-29G.

PDO threads dissolve into your body between 3 to 4 months and during this period of time, your skin generates networks of collagen and elastin fibers around these threads, resulting in a umber of benefits, such as:

–          Substantial wrinkle reduction

–          Tightened skin pores

–          Improved skin tone

–          Improved skin color

–          Slowing down skin aging

–          Rejuvenated skin

–          Hydrated skin

–          Lifted sagging skin

–          Slowing down skin photoaging

Mono Threads

Mono threads are a type of PDO threads that can used in different parts of the face including forehead lines, eye brow lifting, under eyes, crows’ feet, above the lips and on the neck to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, Mono threads improve the blood circulation to the local areas on the face and improve discoloration under the eyes as well. Mono threads last between 3-4 months under the skin and then get reabsorbed. During this period of 3-4 months they continuously trigger collagen and elastin production and smooth the lines and wrinkles.

Barbed Cog Threads

The most amazing and revolutionary development in the thread lifting procedure is the Barbed Cog threads.  These threads have several microscopic hooks along the length of the thread (like branches of tree) which make them hang onto the skin and hold and support the tissues along the entire length of the thread.

The difference between Mono and Barbed Cog threads is in their shape.  During the insertion of Mono threads, needles are removed immediately from the skin and threads remain under skin. However, Barbed Cog threads, as their name suggests, have several microscopic hooks along threads that serve the purpose of hooking up to the skin; therefore, they serve the purpose of immediate lifting of the skin especially the jowls and cheeks (naso-labial fold). These barbed cog threads are also PDO threads that are reabsorbed by the body within 6-8 months and according to the research, results last between 2-3 years.

In this procedure, a 23G needle preloaded with Barbed Cog thread is used and directly inserted it under the skin in the temples on each side; therefore, there is no need to make a punch or incision into the hairline in order to push the needles through. The number of the Barbed Cog threads and their length depends on the size of the patient’s face.

thread lift vancouver front view

thread lift vancouver

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Side Effects of Thread Lifts

The Thread Lift procedure is relatively pain-free. Topical anesthetic and in some cases injectable anesthetics are used prior to the procedure. The PDO threads are not dangerous and they impose no side effects on the body. Thread Lifts may cause some temporary redness, swelling and bruising as a result of the insertion. However, different individuals can react differently to the treatment.  These side effects will disappear within a few days. There are no cuts and no incision involved in this procedure; therefore, there is no scarring. Book a consultation to learn more about the process and if if this is the right treatment for you.

Consider Thread Embedding Acupuncture if you want to have a tighter, and more youthful look!

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