How We Transformed the Jawline with the PDO Cog Thread Lift

Non-Surgical Facelift of a 62-Year-Old Patient in Less Than 1.5 Hours

Continuing from our previous blog on how the thread lift can correct the drooping phenomenon of the jowls, our 62 year-old patient, pictured above, came for a visit in order to lift her jowls and marionette lines.

After the initial consultation, we came to an agreement that 50% to 60% lift in these above-mentioned areas on her face would create a beautiful, natural change on her face. In other words, we decided to transform her face from being a trapezoid shaped to a triangular-shaped jaw.


The PDO Thread Lift Process

Planning Before the Treatment

At the beginning, we set up a plan for the thread lift procedure by drawing a pre-op marking on her face. The pre-op marking on the face depends on the following factors:

– The anatomy and the shape of the patient’s face

– The texture and the thickness of the patient’s facial skin

– The age of the patient

– The degree of sagging of the skin in the areas of concern

For instance, for our patient, her skin was thin and she had a wide-angled jaw. In the individuals with 90-degree angled jaw, the direction of the needles inserted would be different from the individual you see the picture.

With regards to our dear patient, considering the degree and direction of sagging lower face and her thin and loose skin, we had to insert the needles at a 45-50 degree angle and choose the direction of the needle insertion according to the areas of concern.

Facial asymmetry is common

The both sides of our faces are usually not symmetrical in most people. As you can see, in the picture, the degree of sagging and wrinkles are more pronounced on our patient’s left side than the right side. Therefore, we did more lifting on the left side of her face in order to make it look as even as possible with the right side.

In order to get rid of the jowls, for this specific patient, we inserted the needles in three different directions towards the jowls and lifted the jowls up. In her case, we had to keep in mind to lift her marionette. Therefore, with some changes to the direction of needle insertion, we could take care of her marionette as well.


The Thread Lift Results

As you can see in the “after” picture, the jowls and marionette have improved by about 70%. The marionette lines are almost gone. The wrinkles underneath the corner of he lips are gone and even her nasolabial folds have improved a great degree.


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