Target the Turkey Neck and Double Chin with the PDO Thread Lift

Eliminate the Turkey Neck Without Surgery

Who Gets Turkey Neck and Why?

Aside from experiencing loose skin on the face and jowls, the neck is the next most common concern for most of our patients. As we age, the skin in front of the neck starts sagging and becomes thin and wrinkly, and we start developing double chin and eventually turkey neck.  The degree of sagging on the neck area is very much genetic. In some individuals, the amount of sagging on the neck can be very severe and it affects their physical appearance.

There is a delicate muscle called platysma muscle that lays on the neck and droops along with neck skin, and exacerbates the amount of sagging on the neck.  The PDO thread lift is the only non-surgical procedure which can help lift the sagging on the neck and eliminate or improve the shape of the double-chin and turkey neck phenomena.

Meet Our Patient: Sagging Neck Concern

The photo above belongs to a 58 year-old lady who complained about her turkey neck and the horizontal lines and sagging of her skin in her neck area. As you can see, there is a big sagging in the middle of her neck parallel to her thyroid gland. In addition, there are a few horizontal lines and wrinkles all over her neck that have affected the appearance to her neck.

We started the treatment by examining our patient’s neck, checking her skin type and discussing the amount of the lift we could achieve with the Thread Lift procedure. Then, we disinfected her neck. One of the most important factors in the thread lift procedure is numbing the skin. We always try to numb the areas of concern in our procedure to the degree that becomes comfortable for the patient, so the procedure is least painful. Fortunately, our patients have always been satisfied with how the whole procedure went and they have found it comfortable and pain-free.

Performing the Neck Lift with PDO Barbed Cog Threads

The direction of the insertion and the number of the PDO barbed cog threads used in the procedure always depends on the amount and the shape of the sagging in individuals. For this specific patient, we used the reverse technique to create the lift. In the reverse technique, we inserted the threads from the center of her neck outward and created the maximum amount of lift we could achieve in her case with this procedure.

We should remember that for some individuals, the reverse technique is not a good solution; therefore, it is important to examine the neck skin before deciding on the technique. With regards to this specific patient, the amount of sagging on the right side of her neck was more than the left; therefore, we added more threads on the right side to create an even shape for her.

In order to take care of her double chin, we inserted some spiral and some mono threads to tighten up the skin and further improve the appearance of her neck.

The PDO Barbed Cog Thread Lift is the best solution for targeting the sagging neck, turkey neck and double chin.


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