Auricular Acupuncture (Ear Acupuncture)

What is auricular acupuncture?

Auricular acupuncture is the stimulation of certain points of the thin, nerve-rich tissue of the ear. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s commonly used to relieve pain, regulate blood pressure, curb addiction and combat weight loss. Auricular acupuncture has been used for thousands of years as a part of traditional Chinese therapy. According to these principles, auricular points manifest physiological and pathological changes in the body. Practitioners inspect the color, shape and size of the ear in order to make diagnoses and treat diseases.

Ear Points in Acupuncture

Different groups of points are located on the outer parts of your earlobe. There are points corresponding to different parts of the body; for instance hip point for hip pain, heel point for heel pain. There are points corresponding to internal organs in the body; for example, lung point for nose, throat, and skin disorders. There are specific points for allergy, and hypertension. There are points reflecting endocrine system and nervous system. In addition, there are points on the back of the ear.
Auricular Acupuncture (Ear Acupuncture)

Ear Acupuncture Treatments

The ear has certain points that correspond to different internal organs and their respective ailments. The various treatment methods utilized to perform ear acupuncture include needling, moxibustion, bleeding, massage and ear seeds. Auricular acupuncture should not be undertaken if you’re hungry, full, inebriated, exhausted, debilitated, anemic, nervous or under five months pregnant. It should also be avoided if you’re suffering from any ear-related complications. Note that acupuncture is not a miracle cure and results might vary by person. Book a consultation to learn how acupuncture works and what it can do for you.

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