Best Acupuncture Clinic in North Vancouver

Zahra Acupuncture Clinic is proud to be recognized as Top 3 Best Business in Vancouver in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Best Acupuncture Clinic in North Vancouver

Zahra Acupuncture Clinic is proud to be recognized as Top 3 Best Business in North Vancouver in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Best Acupuncture in North Vancouver

*Disclaimer: Note that acupuncture is not a miracle cure and results might vary by person. Book a consultation to learn how acupuncture works and what it can do for you.

CASE: General Health & Weight Loss
* When my former acupuncturist retired - I did some research on-line and I found (based on all the positive reviews), Dr. Zahra Mazanderani - and oh, what a wonderful find!!!!! Dr. Zahra Mazanderani is like an exceptional gift - she treated my chi that was not at all balanced and I felt positive results the very next day! My energy was through the roof and I started tackling projects I had been ignoring for ages. I truly feel 15 years younger. My metabolism is running faster so I am also losing weight - a very much desired affect! No more cravings either and NEVER hungry! Dr. Zahra Mazanderani is incredibly gentle and kind - my visits with her go by way too fast. I highly recommend Dr. Zahra Mazanderani to anyone who is wanting a positive acupuncturist experience. I am so thankful that she is treating and helping me! Dr Zahra, thank you for sharing your skill, knowledge, and talents with me - you are so very gifted! Looking forward to our next appointment!

Francis R.

CASE: Weight Loss
* I went to Dr. Zahra for weight lose and have lost 20lbs and continue to loose weight from the MIC injections that I get twice a week; these shots work wonders, control appetite and the weight seems to melt away.

Parnian M.

CASE: Weight Loss
* It was such a great experience. First of all I love her attitude and personality. she was so nice and trustful. I strongly recommend this treatment because it was so easy to lose weight without even one hour of feeling hungry and no sign of other diets side effects such as getting nervous, starving or hair loss. Because of that you don't feel that you are on diet since you don't feel hungry at all. It reduced my appetite so much and I am so happy because I could get rid of my bad habits of eating high calories or junk foods. I am now so scheduled for eating and I learned what and when to eat. For this reason I am sure I can keep going and lose even more weight in future because it is not just a solution but also offering you a plan and a path to follow for better result for having balance and maintain your health in a good condition. Thank you Dr. Zahra Mazandarani.

Mana B.

CASE: Wrist Pain
* Very Knowledgable and professional! I can work for hours and hours knowing Dr. Mazanderani is always there to fix any problem I may have with my wrist! She is simply amazing! Thank you!.

Nina A.

CASE: Weight Loss
* Lose weight easily and fast by trying Dr Zahra Acupuncture solution . Finally I succeeded to do it without depriving myself and while still eating the foods I enjoy! I constantly was worried about my food and my need for exercise. When I tried to exercise or started a diet, I found myself tired, unhealthy and as no motivating results was seen and it was difficult for me to stick to any of them. Finally, I found easy Weight Loss solution by meeting Dr Zahra at her acupuncture clinic in North Vancouver. Once,I started the acupuncture sessions I began losing not only pounds on the balance but the amazing part that I lost inches easily and rapidly. As the weight came off, I got more energy which helped me to do more activities.I was receiving compliments and I felt great! I succeeded to do it without depriving myself and while still eating the foods I enjoy. The products gave me a healthy sense of control over my body and my eating habits.Now I finished my diet and the fantastic part of this diet that I don't only maintained my weight alljavascript:void(0); this time but I also lost one extra pound !!Thank you Dr Zahra for being there for me, you were and you will be always my caring and supportive coach.

Carlee W.

CASE: General Health
* I have gotten treatment from Zahra four times and each time she has taken her time with me to educate and explain the procedure we are doing. You never feel rushed and always feel well cared for with her. She is very knowledgeable and so kind.


CASE: General Health
* Dr. Zahra is an amazing acupuncturists! She is so kind , professional and knowledgeable, and she really takes the time to address each concern/ issue I may have. I have been seeing Dr. Zahra regularly for the past 9 months and I can genuinely say I have experienced great results..

Aurelia S.

CASE: Carpel Tunnel
* I went to see Dr. Zahra because of carpal tunnel on my left hand. Don't want surgery so I decided to try acupuncture. I do thank her for educating me on what causes it and the treatment she recommended. I am very pleased with the result. I do know that I have to do my part by regularly exercising my fingers and use a splint at night to mobilize my wrist. Thank you for caring..

Fernanda F.

CASE: General Health
* Excellent service. Zahra helped me with lose weight, back and neck pain, relaxation and bowel problems. She knows exactly what to do and she is always caring about her patients. I strongly recommend her.

Simon D.

CASE: Back Pain
* I hurt my back 6 months ago and I had been suffering from a severe back pain and a weird shooting pain to my left leg since the beginning. I have been taking tons of pain killers and many Physiotherapy sessions which all been useless to me. Finally, my family physician advised me to try Acupuncture. I hit Zahra’s Acupuncture Clinic. It was great! Right after the first session my pain diminished significantly. I continued receiving a few more treatments. I am feeling a lot better now.

Mir Sohail F.

CASE: Ankle Sprain
* I went to see Dr. Zahra for an ankle sprain a while ago. She is very patient. She listens and carefully examines you before starting treatment in order to find what works best for you. After a few sessions, my range of motion was much improved and I was able to get back on my feet again and walk without a hassle. I am very much satisfied and would highly recommend her..

Jimmy F.

CASE: Shoulder Pain
* I had a shoulder injury due to lifting a heavy object. The pain was so much that I couldn’t even raise my hand. I tried Advil, Robax and Physiotherapy sessions which were not helpful. One of my friend introduced me to Dr. Zahra. I was scared because I have never had acupuncture before. Zahra knows exactly what she is doing. After just two sessions I got better. I am very glad that I had the chance of trying acupuncture at this clinic.

Purdy A.

CASE: Shingles
* I was always a healthy person and I exercised regularly. Six months ago I faced a very stressful phase in my life. As a result, I developed shingles. It was a horrible experience. For four consecutive months I was taking medications that not only didn’t help me, but also they affected my mood, memory, stomach, and my vision. Finally, the shingle rashes were gone, but the burning sensation and sharp pain at the site where the rashes used to be, made me impatient and miserable. I googled Shingles and I found Dr. Zahra. I went to see her. I felt significant improvement after the first session and I continued seeing her till all my symptoms were gone. My energy, mood and stamina improved. I told Dr. Zahra that I wish I knew her earlier so I did not have to suffer from lots of pain and discomfort.

Natasha P.

CASE: Weight Loss
* I went to see Zahra not because I had a major weight issue but because I had bad eating habits. I liked to have a pastry with coffee twice a day and this just became an addiction that I couldn’t stop. I felt agitation and anxiety every time I wanted to skip my pastry treats. I was exercising three times a week and I noticed one of the reasons that I couldn’t lose weight was this guilty craving. I needed someone to help me get rid of this bad habit. Zahra used acupuncture to balance the energy movement in my body and helped me loss my cravings. I received only a few treatments and I achieved what I came for. I am very grateful to Zahra.

Cindy Z.

CASE: Vitamin B12 shots
* When I visited Zahra Acupuncture Clinic, I had low energy, was always tired and very moody. I had very light sleep and I was always depressed. Dr. Zahra introduced me to vitamin B12 shots. I started getting weekly shots and I felt amazing. It improved all my symptoms and enhanced the quality of my life.

Maggie M.

CASE: Dermapen
* I have been receiving Facial Dermapen treatment at Zahra’s clinic for the last two months. I could feel the positive effects from the very first session. My skin tone and color has improved a lot. I can see that the fine lines are gone and my skin pores are tightened. The treatment is very relaxing. Zahra is very professional and understanding. I recommended this treatment to my friends.

Amanda Q.

CASE: Weight Loss
* Zahra’s weight loss acupuncture treatment is an amazing way of losing weight in a short period of time. As soon as the treatment started my appetite was suppressed. She corrected my bad eating habits and her tips helped me choose healthier foods. The good thing about her method is that you don’t feel any hunger at all. Even after the treatment stopped I still did not any craving to eat sweet and junk food.

acupuncture north vancouver - nancy testimonial
Nancy W.

CASE: Weight Loss
* I had a pleasure of seeing Dr. Zahra two months ago. I was overweight for many years and have been suffering from its side effects such as knee pain and sleep apnea. I tried a couple of weight loss methods including diets and they all failed me. By engaging in Zahra’s weight loss treatment, I reached my ideal body weight in 2 months and got rid of the knee pain and the sleep apnea. I am very glad that I had the chance of meeting her.

Jennifer C.

CASE: Dermapen
* I have been seeing Zahra for a while now. She introduced me to Dermapen Treatment. I love it! I have seen great improvements on my face with every time I get the treatment. I have seen changes to my skin color, skin tone and my acne scars are gone. My skin is more hydrated now. I love to introduce everyone to Dermapen and share the amazing results I have had with them.

Heather K.

CASE: Hives/Urticaria
* I was suffering from hives all over my body for the last year. I took Antihistamine everyday but could not see any difference anymore. Itchiness made my life miserable, to the point that I could not attend to my little kids. I heard about Dr. Zahra and I thought I give it a try. She gave me herbs and that was when I felt the huge difference. My itchiness stopped and I was relieved. I am so grateful to her. She put an end to my suffering. I strongly recommend her to everyone who is suffering from hives.

Sarah A.

CASE: Body pain
* Dr. Zahra is a professional acupuncturist. Her knowledge is up to date. She is understanding and caring and honest. She is able to easily diagnose the problem and find a fastest way to treat it. She has treated my chronic pain very successfully. It took like 5 sessions for me to be completely free from pain which was there for almost two years. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is suffering from any kind of body pain.*

acupuncture north vancouver -jen testimonial
Jen M.

CASE: Dermapen-Facial Treatment
* Dr. Zahra is amazing. She is very professional and truly listens to you. I went there for facial acupuncture with Dermapen. It was very relaxing and i enjoyed it a lot. After the a couple of sessions of Dermapen Treatment i could see the difference. My skin is brighter and the tone of my skin is getting healthier. She is really the best and i couldn't be more pleased with the results. I recommended her to all my friends.*

acupuncture north vancouver - david testimonial
David A.

CASE: Weight Loss
* I went to see Zahra for weight loss treatment and the result was magnificent. She is knowledgeable and considerate. Her personal concern for patients is refreshing. I trust her completely. All my questions are answered and my problems addressed and handled. I am very fortunate to find her. I never hesitate to recommend her to anyone.*

Ben C.

CASE: General Health
* Dr Zahra is simply the best. It's been 3 years that i have been her patient. She provides outstanding care. I am a very lucky patient. She is so kind and understanding to my needs. I feel so safe and in good hands when i am receiving acupuncture treatment from her. I have recommended her to all my friends.*

Jean T.

CASE: Weight Loss
* I was over weight for many years and I tried three different weight loss plans and they failed. I was hungry all the time. Finally a friend of mine recommended Dr. Zahra to me. Dr. Zahra's treatment suppressed my appetite and I lost my excess weight. I am very thankful to her.*

Nazi A.

CASE: Stomach Pain
* I was suffering from burning sensation in my stomach. I always had bloating right after eating but still felt hungry all the time, had nausea, and acid reflux. I had noticed that all my symptoms were aggravated when I was angry at work or when I was upset and emotional. Also, I had abdominal pain with tenderness around my navel. I went to dr. Mazanderani to lose some weight. After examination, she suggested that I should treat my stomach problem before I started with her weight loss program. She believed that it was important for me to have a good digestion in order to lose weight. Therefore, she gave me Chinese medicine. It was my first experience with Chinese herbs. Wow! Unbelievable. They do miracles! I treated my stomach problem with the herbs completely and I am very happy. I believe in Chinese herbs and I recommend whoever has a digestion problem should try Chinese herbs.*

acupuncture north vancouver - amora testimonial
Amora M.

CASE: Facial Acupuncture
* I went to Dr. Mazanderani to do facial acupuncture. My major concern was puffiness underneath my eyes. I received one treatment and after that I felt so good that I decided to buy her Face-Lifting package. Within the first 4 treatments, I noticed lots of moisture ad hydration to my face. My face was no longer dry. My facial tone improved and Puffiness underneath my eyes disappeared. My face was so radiant that my brother who did not know that I was receiving facial acupuncture told me that I was “Glooming” over the Skype!!! I recommend the Face-Lifting acupuncture very much. I will certainly come back for the facial acupuncture treatment next year.*

Zari S.

CASE: Urinary Tract Infection
* I was always suffering from burning sensation when I was going to pee; it was scanty, and painful. I went to my family doctor. She diagnosed me with bladder infection and prescribed me antibiotics. I started taking antibiotics for five days but I still had the same problem. I went to dr. Zahra to get a solution. She gave me an acupuncture treatment, a two-day dosage (6-packs) of Chinese herbs and suggested a diet –change. After taking the second pack, I started feeling much better and before finishing sixth pack, I was completely recovered. It has been 3 months now that I have been free of any bladder infection. I am very thankful to dr. Zahra for her help.*

Kelly M.

CASE: Tennis Elbow
* I am afraid of needles, but I had heard that tennis elbow responds to acupuncture treatment. I was suffering from tennis elbow for a year but this time it was the worst that I couldn’t move my right elbow and I had excruciating pain. So I visited dr. Zahra’s clinic. Taking my needle phobia into consideration, she used very few needles. Within 45 min of the treatment, I was dancing with my arm and elbow in the air. It was a miracle!!! I really recommend everyone who has a tennis elbow to take a trip to Dr. Zahra”s Clinic.*

Mahnaz E.

CASE: Neck and Shoulder Pain
* I was suffering from neck pain since teenage years. However, it was a week that I couldn’t move my right arm, felt numbness in my fingers, couldn’t turn my neck to the sides, couldn’t raise my right arm and felt stiffness in my shoulders and was in so much pain. I visited Dr. Zahra for an acupuncture treatment. Before the end of the first treatment, I felt energetic, my pain was 80% gone, I could turn my neck and was able to put my jacket back on. This much improvement within this short period of time could only be possible by Dr. Zahra’ s acupuncture.*

Peter A.

CASE: Lower Back Pain and Sciatica
* I have been suffering from lower back pain for many years now and I have tried massage therapy, chiropractic and physiotherapy for the last 20 years but I never thought of acupuncture. I visited dr. Zahra’s clinic and after only one treatment I felt so awesome. My lower back pain never felt this much relief. If anyone is suffering back pain, I suggest they try dr. Zahra ‘s acupuncture treatment and see the difference themselves.*

Carolyn R.

CASE: Sole of Foot Pain
* I am a soccer player. One week ago, I noticed the pain on the bottom of my foot when I was running in the game. My coach suggested that I get an acupuncture treatment. I am an impatient person and don’t like to take any medications. I listened to my coach and visited dr. Zahra. One acupuncture treatment was enough to fix me. I really recommend dr. Zahra.*

Pervez P.

CASE: Hot Flash and Insomnia
* I have been suffering from hot flashes and insomnia for the last 3 years. I went to see dr. Mazanderani to seek treatment. Within 5 sessions of acupuncture my hot flashes stopped and my sleep improved.

Mehri H.

CASE: Shingles
* I suffer from shingles once every 3-4 months and each time it lasts up to 10 days. It gives me excruciating pain and interferes with my everyday life. This month it happened again and I went to see my family doctor. Like before he offered me Antiviral medication to be taken for 10 days. I refused to take his medication and instead went to see dr. Zahra for my knee pain. I mentioned my problem to her and she said it is easily treated by 3-days dosage (9 packs) of Chinese herbal medicine. She was right. It was a Miracle!!! My pain was gone after the second dose. I am a major believer in the gift of Chinese herbal medicine now. I recommend dr. Zahra to everyone who is suffering from shingles to take a visit to dr. Zahra before taking any other steps.*

acupuncture north vancouver - shila testimonial
Shila E.

CASE: Skin rash
* I had eczema-like symptoms with lots of itchiness that had been bothering me for a while. It made my life miserable!!! I was working in an office and dealing with people so it was embarrassing for me to scratch myself all the time. So I went to see the acupuncturist at Access Health and Wellness Centre. After the initial assessment dr. Zahra figured out my problem and gave me some Chinese herbal medicine along with some dietary changes that I had to do. All my symptoms were gone in less than a week and I am back to normal. I really appreciate her help and wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone.*

Anna L.

CASE: Hypertension
* I am suffering from high blood pressure for 10 years, but I always refused to take medications for it until it changed to “severe hypertension” (=100 over 200mmHg). I stared taking blood pressure medications under my family doctor’ s supervision. However, I had to suffer dizziness. Low energy, and cramps, which were considered unavoidable side effects of blood pressure medications. After one week I stopped the drugs and went to see dr. Zahra. She started acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for me. Within 3 days of taking Chinese herbal medicine my blood pressure dropped to 95 over 160mmHg) and since then I have been taking herbal medicine and it has now reached 75 over 147) after 2 months. I don’t have to suffer any side effects and my energy level is great. I am still taking my herbs and I am very happy. I cannot thank you enough dr. Zahra for helping me feeling better. *

acupuncture north vancouver - frank testimonial
Frank F.

CASE: Headache
* A month ago I had a severe headache that was bothering me for more than 24 hours. It was on the left side of my head not responding to Advil and Tylenol. I had a similar headache many times before. I went to this clinic and tried acupuncture for the first time in my life and it worked for me. It was amazing. Dr. Zahra put a needle in my right foot and after an hour my headache went away.*

Maryam A.

CASE: Bloating
* Since six months ago I have had feeling of bloating and gas in my stomach after each meal. I was taking over the counter medications and it was not working for me. I went to Access Health and Wellness Clinic and Dr. Zahra put some needles on my body and after a few sessions it was gone. She gave me herbal medicine for a week and after that the feeling has completely gone away. I am very thankful that I had a chance of trying Chinese medicine for my problem.*

acupuncture north vancouver - nina testimonial
Nina F.

CASE: Facial Acupuncture
* A friend of mine got a gift certificate for facial acupuncture from Dr. Zahra’s Clinic for my birthday. I have never even heard about such a thing. I went there and first I was nervous but after she explained every steps of the procedure and tried one of the needles on my face I felt comfortable and I trusted her. I found it very relaxing and pain free and I decided to come back for more sessions. I am very lucky that I found this natural way of helping my skin look shiny and hydrated and less wrinkly.*

Ranjeet K.

CASE: Common Cold
* I have been suffering from cold for the last three days. I had all the symptoms together like runny nose, cough, headache, sore throat, night sweat and feeling of weakness and high fever. A friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Zahra. She gave me herbal medicine for 2 days. Half an hour after taking the first dose of the herb I felt that all my symptoms are going away and after a day I went back to my work. With her herbal medicine I noticed I didn’t have to suffer from the side effects such as drowsiness that are associated with cold medications. It was the first time in my life taking Chinese herbal medicine and I am very fortunate to get to know about these natural herbs. I will come back for her medicine whenever I have cold and flu for sure! *

Julienne K.

CASE: Freckles
* I have had freckles all over my face all my life. I saw the website and came here for treatment. I met Dr. Zahra for the first time. She explained the whole procedure to me. I liked her honesty and kindness. In three sessions she wiped off all the freckles from my face. I had tried laser and other kinds of methods before and they didn’t work but this time it was amazing and I am very thankful that I found her and got the treatment.*

acupuncture north vancouver - ad testimonial
Ad M.

CASE: Stomach Reflux
* I was suffering from Gastro-esophageal Reflux for more than five years. I was taking Nexium for 2 years and I had some of its side effects like Diarrhea and Muscle Cramps. Recently even Nexium was not working for me. I saw this website and came to see Dr. Zahra. After taking my history and doing some physical exams she made a diagnosis and gave me some Chinese Herbs and few acupuncture sessions. Now I am much better and I am very thankful that I met her and got the treatment. She is very understanding and knowledgeable.*

Jane C.

CASE: Sleeping Problem
* I have been suffering from insomnia on and off for a year. I was taking sleeping pills for a few months and recently the pills were not working for me any more. I heard about Dr. Zahra from a friend of mine and I came to visit her. First of all she took a complete history, then made a diagnosis and started giving me acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. After a few days everything got better and I felt more relaxed and my sleep got better and better. Now I am very fortunate that I came to Dr. Zahra and got better. I really appreciate her knowledge and efforts. I strongly recommend her as a practitioner. *

Susan F.

CASE: Vaginal Discharge
* I had a white vaginal discharge for a week with itchiness and burning sensation. I have had it many times before and I was taking over the counter cream every time. This time my friend recommended Dr. Zahra. I went there for a visit. After half an hour of history taking and physical exam she gave me herbs for 3 days. It was unbelievable that after taking the first dosage my itchiness went away and by the end of the treatment I didn’t have any discharge any more. I appreciate her knowledge very much.*

acupuncture north vancouver - julie testimonial
Julie W.

CASE: Constipation
* I had constipation for many years and I had taken many kinds of medications for it but their effects were only temporary. I came across Dr. Zahra’s website when I was searching for a treatment. I went there and explained everything to her. She gave me a few sessions of acupuncture and a period of herbal medicine. After taking those herbs I felt better and now I am very thankful that finally my constipation has been resolved. That was the first time I was trying Chinese Herbal Medicine and it worked well for me.*

John T.

CASE: Jaw Pain
* Two months ago, I got a hit by a hockey ball twice in a row while I was playing with my friends. This incident dislocated my jaw. I got my jaw adjusted by my chiropractor twice. However, I still had difficulty and pain in opening and closing my mouth and biting on food. Therefore, I went to Dr. Zahra for treatment, after seeing her and receiving acupuncture treatment, I went for lunch right after. I was amazed by the result. I had no pain on opening and closing my mouth and biting on my sandwich!!!! This was after only one treatment of acupuncture.*

John T.

CASE: Acute Gout
* I have experienced a miracle resulting from acupuncture with regards to my acute gout attack!! My acute gout attack subsided with one session of acupuncture treatment and 3 days of Chinese herbs I received from Dr. Zahra. I am very happy with her treatments and I highly recommend her.*

acupuncture north vancouver - ms testimonial
Mir S.

CASE: Shoulder Pain
* I once had a severe chronic pain between my shoulders which radiated to my neck and it was due to a spasm. I took over –the-counter medication for a few days but it didn’t work. Finally, I gave up and decided to try herbal medicine for the pain and stiffness which was getting worse. By the time I took the third dose of the medication, my neck and upper back were already more relaxed and the pain was completely gone before taking the 6th dose. I was so happy not only because my pain was completely gone but also because it was gone by taking completely natural herbal medications. *

acupuncture north vancouver - ash testimonial
Ash B.

CASE: Common Cold & Sinusitis
* A few months ago, I caught a cold that came along with not only the common cold symptoms, i.e., stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, severe cough especially at night, but also with severe sinus headaches (frontal headache with pain over my sinuses). I had previously experienced sinus headaches and would always treat it with antibiotics which I had to take for 10 days. But this time I was reluctant to take any as I was worried I had already been taking too many chemical drugs, so I decided to give herbal medication a try, and guess what? The herbs Dr. Zahra gave me worked wonders, they relieved my sinus pain and my other cold symptoms within 3-days. *

acupuncture north vancouver - mahnaz testimonial
Mahnaz AH.

CASE: Urinary Bladder Prolapse (cystocele)
* I came to Dr. Zahra to find a solution for my urinary problem: as soon as I had a liquid drink, I had to go to washroom; as a result it made it difficult for me to have a drink (tea or water) when I was outside my house or when I had no access to toilet nearby. Conventional medicine had no treatment for me other than advising me to strengthening my pelvic muscles by exercising. They told me this condition was the result of giving multiple natural childbirths (I had 4 kids) and there isn’t really a remedy for it. Dr. Zahra gave 4-day doses of herbal medicine, taken 3 times a day and THAT WAS IT! It has been 11 months since I received this treatment and I haven’t had any recurrence of my previous condition. I am very glad that I found Dr. Zahra and I recommend her to everyone.*

acupuncture north vancouver - mahnaz testimonial
Mahnaz AH.

CASE: Freckles
* I had lots of freckles on my face that had an impact on my self-esteem. I always applied topical facial creams that claimed to eliminate freckles. However, as soon as I stopped their applications, my freckles returned. I even got a few laser treatments. My freckles faded after the laser treatments, however, they reappeared after few months. It was like I threw my money into garbage can!!! But with the special treatment method that Dr. Zahra offered, my freckles completely disappeared. *

acupuncture north vancouver - zohreh testimonial
Zohreh M.

CASE: Sciatica
* I was suffering from sciatica pain for 15 years. I tried physio, chiropractic and massage therapies. Not relieved my pain. So I underwent a surgery on my low back. I was pain-free for one year. However, since last year I started having the same pain that I had prior to my surgery. I went to get a treatment from Dr. Zahra. Wow, I wish I knew about her and her acupuncture treatment prior to my surgery. After a few sessions of receiving acupuncture treatments I have been free of back pain since 10 months ago. *

Marie K.

CASE: Knee Pain
* I had knee pain for many years. It was kind of arthritis. I had difficulty getting off my bed and I had to call my daughter to come and help me stand on my feet. As soon as I put my feet on the ground, I felt severe pain and it took me a few minutes to be able to start walking. I was little limping when I was walking until I stepped into Dr. Zahra’s clinic. She gave me acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to take for 4 days. After taking the herbs, I had no more pain as if I never had difficulty with my knees. She completed the treatment by giving me herbs for 5 more days and that was it!! I was free of pain. I have been seeing her for my other problems since then as well. She is very nice and I am lucky to know her. *
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