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The practice of facial acupuncture has a long history. It goes back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.), when the Daoist physicians contributed to the practice of facial rejuvenation through the use of acupuncture needles, herbs and dietary adjustments.

Although we see texts and documents on facial rejuvenation referring to the periods long before the Tang Dynasty, it is more evident that those days the main focus was to utilize different Chinese therapeutic herbs which had anti-aging and facial rejuvenating properties.

Acupuncture gained even more popularity during the Song Dynasty (960-1280 A.D.) for the purpose of beauty and anti-aging. Since then, we have witnessed further attention to complexion and wrinkles and even specific features of the face including eyes, lips, nose, so they tried to implement cosmetic acupuncture by finding acupuncture points to cover these areas in the face.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including Acupuncture discusses our internal bodily organs in more details and with a greater complexity compared to what we hear in Western Medicine.

TCM views our internal organs as a whole, integrated systems which are connected through the meridian (Channel) system through which of energy or Qi moves. TCM states the energy from all our internal organs flows to the face; therefore, if there is a problem with any of the internal organs, you can see or detect it on the face.

In Chinese Medicine, we divide the internal organs into the categories of Yin and Yang. Even through, when it comes to the beauty and the face, we should mainly focus on the Yin organs ( i.e. Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Lungs and Spleen), I personally choose Acupuncture points Yang organs ( Stomach, Small Intestines, Gall Bladder, Bladder, etc) to address issues related to the face and aging.

Different parts of the face is a home for a specific acupuncture points that reflect the energy from that specific internal organ that it belongs to. Different parts of the face reflect the state of different organs, for instance:

-Stomach and small intestines channels travel through the cheeks and jaw and we have their points there.

-Facial implications for the weakened kidney function would be dark circles under the eyes, age spots, and even puffiness around the eyes.

-Sometimes dark circles under the eyes and puffiness of the eyes could be due to other issues; if the heart is disturbed, it will cause restless sleep and in turn it will affect the eyes.

In order to correctly figure out the cause of the issues in the face, we need to check the pulse and the tongue and make a thorough assessment.


Benefits of Facial and Cosmetic Acupuncture:

Cosmetic Acupuncture








Acupuncture uses stainless steel, disposal needles inserted into certain points of the body called “acupuncture points” or “acupoints” in order to stimulate the Qi (energy) and blood circulation in the body and produce an optimal balance of energy flow in the body.

-Improves circulation of Energy (Qi) and blood

-Tightens the skin pores

-Reduces dark circles and puffiness under eyes

-Improves skin tone and skin color

-Eliminates Fine lines

-Reduces wrinkles

-Treats jaw pain, headaches and ear issues

-Stimulates collagen production

-Increases relaxation and calms the mind

Other applications of Facial acupuncture:

There is wrong information going around about facial acupuncture that it is only utilized for the purpose of beauty and cosmetic. Facial acupuncture can go beyond cosmetic and rejuvenation benefits and when performed in conjunction with traditional acupuncture treatment it can have a great impact and improve your body’s health.


How Often Should you Get Acupuncture Treatments

We usually recommend the facial acupuncture once a week for up to 5-10 sessions (varies with individuals).

After the first batch of sessions, they can receive the treatment biweekly or once a month. Facial acupuncture has cumulative effect and it produces very natural results.

Along with acupuncture treatments, we also make recommendations about our clients diet and make suggestions and corrections about their dietary habits. The main goal is to find different ways to help them improve their overall health as well as their face and body health.


Finding the Right Acupuncture Clinic

Acupuncture Clinic











At Zahra Acupuncture clinic located in North Vancouver, we check the pulse and the tongue in the initial session. Our clients find the facial acupuncture session a very relaxing experience.

We combine face and body acupuncture points to address the issues my clients complain about. Since the face is the mirror of our body, the way I choose the points in the face aims to treat both the underlying conditions as well the issues I observe on the surface of the face.

We use facial acupuncture points to treat clients complaining about different issues, including:

-TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Disorder) also known as jaw pain. It is a very popular concern seen these days. Check our previous post about how acupuncture can help relief jaw pain.

-Tightness in the front of the neck

-Ear issues including ears popping, noises in the ears (Tinnitus)

-Headaches and migraine

-Memory loss

-Anxiety, stress, depression, etc.

If you are still not sure Facial Acupuncture is right for you contact us with any questions, or book a consultation. We will be happy to help!

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